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1966. Loma Real Hotel starts operations and is managed by the operator that represents the hotels “Camino Real”. It has 52 rooms, restaurant and bar and a 4-star category.

1969. The Camino Real Hotels leave the hotel management and make shareholders by themselves.

1975. A horizontal building is constructed with the amount of 10 suites; this building is located near the pool, resulting in a total of 62 4-star rooms.

1980. The demand for rooms in the Tapachula area increases, leading to build a 3-storey building with the amount of 24 rooms, resulting in a total of 86 4-star rooms.

1993. The change of category from 4 to 5 stars is done thanks to the construction of 10 bungalows, each furnished with a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and living room. Two tennis courts with all the services and the International Convention Center, which has a capacity for 1,200 people in classroom style banquet, were also built. Within the same C.I.C. are built 2 luxury meeting rooms equipped with kitchenette and bathroom.

1998. The corporation Operadora de Hoteles de Chiapas, SA de CV and Grupo Chartwell de Mexico signed the contract so this last starts operation of the hotel, now under the name of Travelodge Hotel Loma Real.

2006. The corporation Operadora de Hoteles de Chiapas, SA de CV ceases to belong to the Travelodge brand, leaving only as Hotel Loma Real, which is a trade name placed in the local market. The hotel started a total renovation in the kitchen area, bar and restaurant completely changing its image.

2007. We are working to made Hotel Loma Real the first Hotel Gran Turismo on the Coast of Chiapas. Since early this year we are making a total refurbishment in the rooms and hotel facades. We launch new concepts such as a spa, specialties Argentine type restaurant.

2008-2009. We performed total remodeling of 21 rooms from its womb such as furniture and beds.

2011. New areas for events were built and the remodeling of the suites started, finishing this job by late September. The kiosko de los mangos is built, featuring all the necessary services for the best events.


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