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Introducing the Pearl of Soconusco

Between marimba sounds, natural attractions and coffee plantations, Tapachula is a city with a lot to offer. Located in the southern part of Chiapas, on the Soconusco coastal plain and only 30 minutes from the border with Guatemala, Tapachula de Cordova y Ordoñez, full name of the city, or the Pearl of Soconusco, as it is commonly known, enjoys its proximity to a variety of natural attractions.

Tapachula, Chiapas, has an annual average temperature of 78°F and a warm and humid weather that invites you to take a tour around the well-known coffee route, in which 13 coffee plantations show each and every part of the interesting coffee production. Besides, it is possible to admire the amazing landscape from these plantations filled with ornamental plants, colorful flowers and an impressive endemic fauna.

A trip to Tapachula is also about beaches. 23 miles from the city is Puerto Chiapas and places like Linda Beach, San Benito Beach and Las Escolleras Beach, where the practice of water sports is a daily matter.

Visit places as the archaeological zone of Izapa or the Tacana volcano, located 30 minutes from the city and favorites spots of the ecotourism lovers; the San Francisco waterfalls, situated 40 minutes from the city, is another place that you cannot miss in a tour around this region where the weather, location and natural attractions have collaborated to make it one very appreciated tourist destinations in Mexico.